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At Salmon River Chiropractic our goal is to provide quality, affordable, effective Chiropractic Healthcare to the families in our community. We serve the counties of Lemhi and Custer, Idaho, but we also have patients who travel much further to experience the benefits of our unique Chiropractic services.

Our reception room seems quite similar to the offices of other doctors, but we take a different approach to your health. Our care includes a holistic, whole-body approach based on sound medical knowledge. We specialize in family care and promote drug-free, surgery-free healthcare options.

Other healthcare methods try to cover up or deaden the pain or symptoms, we know symptoms are your bodies way of telling you something is wrong. As Chiropractors our priority is to find and remove the cause of the problem, which is the subluxation, and allow your body to heal and function at its full potential.

You’ve heard the quote “be the change you want to see in the world” at Salmon River Chiropractic, that’s just what we’d like to do for you. We’d like to be the change you need to see in your health. Whether it’s simple pain relief, addressing chronic problems or a condition that you’ve sought relief for elsewhere without success, let us help you see a change!

The Doctors at Salmon River Chiropractic are here to listen, care and deliver results to meet your unique needs. It never costs anything to sit down with one of our highly well trained and experienced Doctors to discuss your healthcare needs and determine what will work best. Each of our Doctors and Staff have their own unique personal Chiropractic experience that they’d be happy to share with you too. Recovery from life-changing injury, to supportive care during pregnancy to bring a new life into the world, our staff and Doctors have experienced it all.

Our Philosophy

We understand that structure determines function. By addressing the underlying structural misalignments your body can and will heal itself. Dr. Coffey and Dr. Ingwersen have personally experienced the benefits of Chiropractic care. Both for emergency pain relief and preventative maintenance care. Chiropractic benefits more then spinal health, it effects whole body health. Reducing stress, improving immune function and preventing daily aches and pains.

We feel so passionately about what we do, we do not just recommend chiropractic care for you, we live it everyday too. Ourselves, our families, our staff, everyone we care about gets regular wellness checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy that you are interested in finding out how Chiropractic care can benefit your family and yourself. We hope the following helps answer many of your questions, should you have further questions please contact our office.


At Salmon River Chiropractic, we appreciate our wonderful patients. Most of our patients are referred to us by their friends and family who have experienced the amazing results of Chiropractic Care.

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